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Damian’s Bedrock++ Add-on

Mods 1.18 / Mods 1.17 / Mods 1.16

Damian's Bedrock++ Mod adds a lot of weapons and emerald tools to Minecraft PE.

If you have long wanted to use emeralds to craft swords, pickaxes and other tools, then use the Damian’s Bedrock ++ Addon. It is he who allows you to do this. There will also be a multitool and many unusual items. They can be enchanted and used in survival.

Damian’s Bedrock++ Add-on

- Download Mod;
- Use Minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Select it in the settings;
- Have fun!

damians-bedrock-add-on-rs-v1_30.mcpack [2.42 Mb] (downloads: 946)
damians-bedrock-add-on-bh-v1_30.mcpack [191.85 Kb] (downloads: 689)

Comments (9)

this one is good i love it
Jerry jo Jerry jo 29 January 2021 21:30 Reply
{text}does this work on 1.16? Bedrock?

Gg Gg 13 February 2021 05:27 Reply
Quote: Gg
{text}does this work on 1.16? Bedrock?

mine-craft mine-craft 13 February 2021 07:22 Reply
y cant i see the tools

tod tod 19 February 2021 17:26 Reply
i am so happy that these mods work please let me have some more
Jordan Jordan 29 November 2021 14:09 Reply
{text}you cant use it
braeden braeden 23 March 2022 11:20 Reply
Actually, you can but it's kind of finicky yet if you get it to work then it's a good mod.
Cove Cove 5 November 2022 23:57 Reply
Damian’s Bedrock++ Add-on  mod

obywatel obywatel 15 November 2022 00:27 Reply
does this work on 1.19 bedrock?
. . 13 April 2023 13:53 Reply

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