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Family Life Addon

Mods 1.21 / Mods 1.20 / Mods 1.19 / Mods 1.16

Family life - Let's have a family! (Comes Alive) Mod adds interactive NPCs to Minecraft Bedrock. You can talk to them, start a family, get married and even have children in the Minecraft video game. Give your girlfriend gifts, flirt, talk and please her. Then you can start a family in Minecraft Bedrock.


- Download Mod;
- Use Minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Select it in the settings;
- Have fun!

family-life.mcaddon [700.59 Kb] (downloads: 121)

Comments (7)

Hello guys
Johan andres Johan andres 27 October 2021 14:29 Reply
hello person i never met! lol
angel angel 15 December 2021 10:43 Reply
is this for pocket or can it be for computers?

k k 7 January 2022 22:58 Reply
Hi guys!    
AphmauLover123 AphmauLover123 6 May 2022 20:59 Reply
Family Life Addon
Насос Циркуляционный hem Насос Циркуляционный hem 9 November 2022 11:44 Reply
unintentional comment
GhostFace GhostFace 9 November 2022 15:28 Reply
Gonna be Honest: It isn't working properly. Behavior Pack is Missing an ID and is Mismatched to the current Version (that's what it's says in Minecraft when selecting it in Storage Settings in Settings), Only Females Spawn, Cannot Interact with them (even with Beta API Active), and In Creative, Only items available are The Two Spawn Eggs for The New Villagers, and The Boy Villager Spawner Spawns Females too. Completely Lacking Most of it's stuff, and also requires a Dependancy, but never says what. No need to rush, pls. Take your time to fix this, Because it would be nice to enjoy MCA in Bedrock honestly, but it is best not to rush the fix. Thnx ^^
JohnnyCross91 JohnnyCross91 7 April 2023 02:27 Reply

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