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More Tools Addon

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More Tools Addon with a big update and new tools, blocks, ores and items in Minecraft Bedrock. Download More Tools and get a big game update. You get a huge amount of new items, weapons, tools, axes, swords, blocks and more.

More Tools Addon

- Download Mod;
- Use Minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Select it in the settings;
- Have fun!

upgrade-bench-ui-rp-v0_0_2-alpha.mcpack [47.5 Kb] (downloads: 254)
moretools-v4_0_8-rp.mcpack [727.14 Kb] (downloads: 309)
moretoolsbalanced-v4_0_8-bp.mcpack [937.33 Kb] (downloads: 228)
moretools-v4_0_8-bp.mcpack [928.13 Kb] (downloads: 343)

Comments (17)

Ich freue mich schon auf den mod 
Eduardo Hegmann Eduardo Hegmann 11 April 2021 05:09 Reply
I am going to use this whith my friends and Im going to play alot
christopher villalobos christopher villalobos 27 May 2021 11:09 Reply
ima play this mod alot and Ill leeve a good review if me and my friends like it
christopher villalobos christopher villalobos 27 May 2021 11:13 Reply
hi hi hi hi hi my name is kade I am 9 and I have a dog.

Kade Kade 27 May 2021 22:56 Reply
hi I am going to play this game a lot 
Kade Kade 27 May 2021 22:59 Reply
I play alot and this mod looks cool.
Joe Joe 29 May 2021 15:03 Reply
this will be so fun to play
Kade Kade 29 May 2021 19:34 Reply
Where is obsain like in the picture why did he LIE TO US

WHY WHY 14 July 2021 08:01 Reply
Theres no Texture pack on the mod please do something with this.
Steve Steve 22 July 2021 23:59 Reply
God damn good mod

bob bob 27 September 2021 17:54 Reply
it is so good
mark mark 26 October 2021 13:11 Reply
this was a really cool mod
limitless limitless 9 November 2021 10:04 Reply
it is gonna be good I think?
ethan ethan 12 November 2021 20:05 Reply
{text} This game cool
John Lauer John Lauer 23 November 2021 15:55 Reply
Lt. Danish Lt. Danish 3 December 2021 20:34 Reply
I cant get the texter what can I do?

E KING E KING 3 December 2021 23:58 Reply

jj jj 8 December 2021 18:46 Reply

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