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Modern Furniture Addon

Mods 1.19 / Mods 1.18

Modern Furniture | New Update | 5.1 | 1.19.50 Addon 550+ pieces of furniture to your Minecraft Bedrock game. This mod is specially made for survival mode and is great for this. Download the mod and you can create a realistic, beautiful home. I will show some examples of new furniture in the screenshots.

- Download Mod;
- Use Minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Select it in the settings;
- Have fun!

modern-furniture-bp-5_2.mcpack [1.88 Mb] (downloads: 159)
modern-furniture-rp-5_2.mcpack [1.02 Mb] (downloads: 112)

Comments (19)

I won‘t Play miecraft
RiesenBroesel RiesenBroesel 8 February 2022 11:51 Reply
hi please its my dream to have it.
isaac isaac 12 February 2022 07:56 Reply
{text} re pro el compa 
re pro el compa re pro el compa 28 February 2022 09:18 Reply
hello I am not sure why I have to d0 this my favorite color is aqua and my favorite food is salami and sweet plantains my mom is Spanish my dad is polich my grandma died when I was 3 and I have 2 step-grandma and my mom's parents got divorced when she was 7 
Mia Mia 16 May 2022 10:48 Reply
this is the best furniture mod ever

qaima qaima 19 August 2022 17:33 Reply
love this it is so cool
qaima qaima 19 August 2022 17:38 Reply
love it so much love love love so so so so much
qaima arif qaima arif 19 August 2022 18:36 Reply
love it my favorite game ever
Qaima Arif Qaima Arif 20 August 2022 15:58 Reply
Can I craft these on vannila?
Hachimon Hachimon 26 August 2022 19:46 Reply
Modern Furniture | Restructuring Update | V33 | 1.19.22 Addon

brayden brayden 10 September 2022 13:06 Reply
{text} for me it doesnt work is there a crafting recipe? 
maya maya 15 September 2022 16:30 Reply
Modern Furniture Addon
me me 10 October 2022 18:42 Reply
does it need to be craft? in survival
me me 10 October 2022 18:44 Reply
thank you for letting me use this mod for Minecraft.
mae mae 15 October 2022 00:38 Reply
I love this mod
Gamer_Boy Gamer_Boy 16 October 2022 10:15 Reply
amazing to show im legit to show im legit to
Tae Tae 5 November 2022 17:10 Reply
i love this mod works amazeingly 
mysterious_person mysterious_person 6 November 2022 12:15 Reply
how do i download it ??????????????
mysterious_person mysterious_person 6 November 2022 12:17 Reply
this mod is great
ocampo ocampo 8 November 2022 19:38 Reply

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