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Medieval BedWars Map

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Medieval BedWars Map

Medieval BedWars Map with Bed Wars game in medieval style for Minecraft Bedrock. The map can be played by 4 to 30 players. You are automatically divided into 4 teams. Your task is to destroy the bed of rivals and save your bed.

How to install?
Android: you need to find the downloaded file on your phone, use any file manager for this and import the map into the game by opening it.
IOS: after receiving the map, the device itself will offer to install it.
Windows 10: go to the folder where the files are downloaded, find mcworld there and activate it.

medieval_bedwars.mcworld [2.12 Mb] (downloads: 8298)
medieval_bedwars.zip [2.12 Mb] (downloads: 873)

Comments (6)

this is the best

jayden lennard🐱‍👤🌯🌮🥩 jayden lennard🐱‍👤🌯🌮🥩 13 September 2021 11:34 Reply
wow this is soooooooo amazing  👌😍
Jaxon Jaxon 27 October 2021 13:46 Reply

Awesome Awesome 3 February 2022 08:16 Reply
wow so cool this is a good mod keep it up.
Avert Avert 6 April 2022 21:55 Reply
ilove this yummy game :))))))
bobbyajsj bobbyajsj 20 May 2022 20:37 Reply
I want to marry this so yes❤️❤️🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Bob Bob 2 June 2023 09:18 Reply

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