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SCP Dystopia Waves Map

Minigame Maps / Modded Maps

SCP Dystopia Waves is a new project with a mini-game and a fight against SCPs in Minecraft Bedrock. Your task is to defeat all waves of SCPs, complete the mini-game. She has several options for choosing the level of difficulty. The video will be shown in more detail.

How to install?
Android: you need to find the downloaded file on your phone, use any file manager for this and import the map into the game by opening it.
IOS: after receiving the map, the device itself will offer to install it.
Windows 10: go to the folder where the files are downloaded, find mcworld there and activate it.

SCP Dystopia Waves Map

Comments (3)

need map!!
sadasd sadasd 6 November 2021 23:35 Reply
lets goooooo
sabastian sabastian 19 March 2023 11:49 Reply
alow people to play it
sabastian sabastian 19 March 2023 11:58 Reply

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