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Minecraft – Nether Update

Download Minecraft

Download Minecraft for Android for free. This is a new version of Nether Updates in which many bugs were fixed and a new evil piglin mob was added.

This video game update has a huge number of bug fixes. Recently, there have been a huge number of errors. Thanks to the creators for paying attention to this. They also decided to please us with a new monster in the nether world. This will be another type of piglin.

Piglin Brute:
- Does not wear armor;
- Very angry;
- Ax weapon;
- Attacks all, even if there is gold or gold armor;
- Appears in bastion remnants.

List of all fixed errors in Minecraft

Now you can confidently play without bugs in the new version of MineCraft Nether Update. Now it remains only to download the game to your smartphone. You can do this at the link below.

Google play link
Minecraft – Nether Update

Free link

Comments (3)

cool mod yeah 
Williambaw Williambaw 31 October 2020 15:07 Reply
Thanks for the article, I've been looking for such a mod for a long time.
Nsmisy Nsmisy 2 December 2020 13:57 Reply
I love to play Minecraft! Thanks for the new version
WWed WWed 19 March 2021 07:15 Reply

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