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Morph Plus Addon

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Morph Plus Mod gives you the opportunity to become a mob in Minecraft Bedrock. Morph into one of 30 mobs. You will look and get the abilities of the mob.

- Download Mod;
- Use Minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Select it in the settings;
- Have fun!

morph-plus-v4-rp.mcpack [1.99 Mb] (downloads: 6681)
morph-plus-v4-bp.mcpack [267.59 Kb] (downloads: 4709)

morph-plus-v5-rp.mcpack [2.55 Mb] (downloads: 2450)
morph-plus-v5-bp.mcpack [218.4 Kb] (downloads: 2283)

Comments (13)

احمد صفوان العساني احمد صفوان العساني 12 September 2021 05:23 Reply
Does this have the ender dragon and bees?
Winter821 Winter821 9 November 2021 19:43 Reply
How do I become a mob?

Winter821 Winter821 14 November 2021 06:07 Reply
how do become a mob?
boy boy 6 December 2021 19:20 Reply
HELP I can't use some of the morphs abilitys and If i kill the mobs it does not give me the morph Why
Damien Olcikas Damien Olcikas 13 December 2021 09:49 Reply
Hi this is cool.
Packer Packer 27 January 2022 16:22 Reply
{text}why no work idiot mod bad lolollololololololololol
no work no work 28 January 2022 11:58 Reply
dis better not be virus…
Sus.. Sus.. 1 February 2022 17:16 Reply
This was a very good mod. I wish the ender dragon was added and you could've added abilities to the ghast, enderman, and blaze. I don't have their abilities for some reason... Also, if nobody know how to use the mod, you have to hold on shift, while you do that, press the space bar. Next, click or tap like how you hit mobs. Then, tap and tap untill you see the mod you want. Finally, hold on shift and press the space bar. Then you have transformed into the mob you like. Please don't thank me. ;p

so_dumb so_dumb 13 April 2022 03:23 Reply
{text}Morph Plus Addon  work
Cyclone_Axe Cyclone_Axe 4 July 2022 18:57 Reply
Morph Plus Addon your mod
ShoreTrooper521 ShoreTrooper521 20 July 2022 06:31 Reply
This is bullshit

cobra kai never dies cobra kai never dies 20 November 2022 11:22 Reply
{text} I don’t know how to do this but I hope it will be coll
Antonie Antonie 24 January 2023 14:30 Reply

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