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Umäk : Retro Furniture Addon

Mods 1.19 / Mods 1.18 / Mods 1.17 / Mods 1.16

Umäk: Retro Furniture Mod adds very realistic retro furniture to your home in Minecraft Bedrock. Download this mod for free and you will be able to build a beautiful realistic house in a retro style in Minecraft. Look at the screenshots to see what furniture, computer, TV, sofas, tables and other household appliances look like.

- Download Mod;
- Use Minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Select it in the settings;
- Have fun!

Comments (2)

Umäk : Retro Furniture Addon
R R 22 April 2022 12:24 Reply
Im amazed by the mod
Lady jean carl s. Mapisa Lady jean carl s. Mapisa 12 April 2023 05:50 Reply

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