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Junk Food Add-on

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Junk Food Addon to our delicious and beloved food. Now, Steve will eat it and get a lot of pleasure restoring his own hunger.

You can download the mod for 8 units of new food at the link below. Looks like this food can be in the screenshots and video. You get popcorn, donuts, sweets, candies, chocolate, cake and ice cream at the MineCraft Bedrock. I hope you enjoy this add-on!


- Download Mod;
- Use Minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Select it in the settings;
- Be sure to enable the experimental game mode;
- Have fun!

food_v2.mcaddon [27.5 Kb] (downloads: 1224)

Comments (6)

hi I play mob angsy

Asharia Asharia 29 October 2022 01:22 Reply
can you add theme park food? Becuase I’m making a theme park map
Josemanuel Josemanuel 10 March 2023 13:32 Reply
nice this is a great mod my friend loves this one
Jenna Williamson Jenna Williamson 16 March 2023 17:02 Reply
this mod is super fun
Jenna Williamson Jenna Williamson 16 March 2023 17:03 Reply
it is a nice mod but it needs a theme park to go with it
Jenna Williamson Jenna Williamson 16 March 2023 17:06 Reply
its delicious but I wish I could eat it
bloco bloco 8 April 2023 19:35 Reply

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