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Pada's Laboratory Map

Minigame Maps / PvP Maps

Pada's Laboratory is an excellent and legendary PVP map in the style of SkyWars or Bedwars for Minecraft Bedrock. Use it to enjoy PVP mode and new Minecraft mini-games.

How to install?
Android: you need to find the downloaded file on your phone, use any file manager for this and import the map into the game by opening it.
IOS: after receiving the map, the device itself will offer to install it.
Windows 10: go to the folder where the files are downloaded, find mcworld there and activate it.

padas-laboratory-v4-1_20_30.mcworld [1.94 Mb] (downloads: 1581)

Comments (3)

Pada's Laboratory Map
Zeeshan Zeeshan 3 October 2023 13:04 Reply
this is cool 
Ravaughn Ravaughn 31 October 2023 18:27 Reply
Pada's Laboratory Map
Ravaughn Ravaughn 31 October 2023 18:34 Reply

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