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Hyra Shaders PE


Hello dear friends. I want to share the best way to improve the graphics and now you will learn how to make the graphics more realistic and beautiful. To do this, you just need to download the Minecraft PE shaders.

Hyra Shaders PE – add-on to enhanced and more realistic graphics at MineCraft Bedrock.

You will be immediately available 4 versions of shaders. Choose the ones that are right for you. The higher their level, the more saturated there will be changes. But then they will affect the performance of the phone. The screenshots below clearly show what changes will occur. This is a more beautiful appearance of the world, lighting, shadows, sky, water and the rest.

- Download Shader;
- Use Minecraft 1.14 - 1.16
- Open the downloaded .mcpack to install;
- Select texture in settings;
- Done.

hyra-shaders-v3-ultra-sfile_mobi.mcpack [52.78 Kb] (downloads: 4057)
hyra-shaders-v3-high-sfile_mobi.mcpack [52.36 Kb] (downloads: 1187)
hyra-shaders-v3-medium-sfile_mobi.mcpack [52.16 Kb] (downloads: 921)
hyra-shaders-v3-low-sfile_mobi.mcpack [51.3 Kb] (downloads: 610)

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For my mine craft wrld

Shader Shader 27 March 2021 15:24 Reply
hi i am huge fan of your shader

hi hi 5 April 2021 15:48 Reply
{text}hi i luv u

edie durie edie durie 26 April 2021 02:22 Reply
hi i absolutly like your work

edie durie edie durie 26 April 2021 02:22 Reply
{text}i lysm
edie durie edie durie 26 April 2021 02:31 Reply
Good work i like this she act like you said I would

Red Red 2 May 2021 00:16 Reply
{text} Hello
Bruh i dont know if this will work hopefully it will

Pwr Segar Pwr Segar 7 June 2021 18:37 Reply
Do these work on minecraft bedrock to?
Alex Alex 28 June 2021 17:27 Reply

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